Our Leaving Corporate Summit … may actually be for you too!


I want to ask you…

Have you figured out how your business can adapt during one of the longest periods of change in entrepreneurial history?

Experts with their finger on the pulse of entrepreneurship are not just for brand new entrepreneurs.

If you don’t keep up with trends… can the trends get the better of you?

I see established business owners changing direction, adapting their products or services and re-finding their calling as market demand, supplier prices and market conditions change. Changing conditions, needs and audiences has been … frankly crazy.

Keeping up and adapting to changing conditions is EXACTLY why you should attend the free Leaving Corporate Summit. Expertise of 24 speakers, coaches and consultants will come together to help us update our knowledge, or even start again… and you can join for free.

What does the Summit include?

πŸ‘ˆ Experts have pre-recorded presentations on key facets of entrepreneurship that you can absorb on your own time

πŸ‘ˆThey can be watched in the Start Up And Grow Your Business Facebook Group starting September 27th (until October 2nd).You can join absolutely free or upgrade to VIP to access more features (see If you want more below)

πŸ‘ˆ Presenters from here and around the world bring gifts and different perspectives

πŸ‘ˆ Not only knowledge – but help and networking for your business: Speakers are also offering gifts to help new and existing entrepreneurs design their business.

πŸ‘ˆ We’ll kick off the event on September 27th with a virtual evening networking session that will include speakers of the day.

If you want more? More in-depth information, additional gifts…with the VIP option attendees can network and ask questions of the experts from the day’s presentations throughout the Summit, as well as have longer access to presentations. We’re also offering hot seat coaching sessions for VIPs. Your choice.


(And if you know an employee who is trying to decide to leave a corporate role to become an entrepreneur…please share this post to help them make that complicated decision)


Patricia Dent

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