Overcome Overwhelm with Energy Consciousness

Managing 'OVERWHELM’ can seem like another daunting challenge, but it’s actually very easy to step out of it, when you have the right knowledge. Let’s face it life isn’t slowing down any, so you need new tools. It is possible to transform the feeling of being overwhelmed into a more natural ease and flow.

We will be sharing some EFT & Body Talk hacks to stop that nagging voice at the back of your head constantly triggering the "F" words ~ FEAR, FRAZZLED, FAILURE, and the spiraling disappointing thoughts of not doing enough, not having enough time, not having enough money, and not BE-ing enough; and
shift the draining resistant energy of Overwhelm, redirecting it back in to your vitality, health and wellbeing Calm, Cool, Collected,  & with a Clear focus.

Come step out of overwhelm with us, and learn to reframe and delete negative chatter, and the inevitable hypnosis of “ I CANT…” and step into “I AM…”
Because YES, YOU CAN!!

Let us introduce you to your authentic inspired self. Only $50+HST

Early Bird Discount valid till Friday March 8 Midnight save you $5 if you book now for the morning or evening workshop (or livestream replay).

Bring your overwhelmed friends too.
Tues March 12 Morning 9:30 AM – 12:30
AND Tues. March 12 Evening 6:30PM – 9:30PM
Reserve your seats at this link https://bit.ly/2EJKe87


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