Personal Brand Photography for Women in Business

Hello fellow business owners and Grow Vantagers:

Sometime after the new year I decided to pivot my business to Personal Brand Photography. In my career life I have always worked in a service type environment. I like to provide help to people. Since being involved in the small business world, I have made a great number of connections with some very good people who have helped and supported me through my journey. Choosing to work with business owners in personal brand photography was fueled by wanting to give back to small business owners.

 To further my niche I decided to get more specific by working more closely with women owned businesses. "Women helping Women'. Serving women owned businesses who need help to determine their brand and need images of them and their business in order to market on social media and their website.  

As a launch for my new niche, I am looking for four volunteers who are Women of Influence, to embark on this project with me, by allowing me to interview them. There will be 5 to 10 questions, that I am compiling, and will be the same for each person.  Questions are based on your company brand. I will be sending the questions to each candidate before the interview.

Each Saturday in June I will be posting an interview I conducted with each Woman of Influence. The interview will be published on my website blog and social media . 

I plan to conduct the interviews in May by appointment, working around each woman's schedule.

Depending on the success, I plan in the future to repeat with more interviews.

Please contact me if you are interested in being one of the four women.

I am excited to start this project and look forward to hearing from some Women of Influence volunteers!

Carole Burdon

I Dream of Trees Photography


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