Personal Brand Photography for Women in Business

Personal Brand Photography

I Dream of Trees Photography recognizes Personal Brand Photography with an edge!

Women today are on the cutting edge as small business owners in Canada. The number of women-owned enterprises were smaller than men, in 2018, accounting for 37% of all self-employed persons, but their growth is stronger than men. The Canadian government have recognized that “it’s glaringly obvious that we need more female entrepreneurs. Women make great leaders, are natural innovators, and help companies grow and thrive” – written by

Women in Business is a passion of I Dream of Trees Photography.

Women helping Women to meet our dreams and aspirations. I Dream of Trees Photography does that by providing personal brand stories of the women’s business through photographs. The photograph show the business’s character, environment, and what it is like to work with your company. It is all created to communicate your personal brand to make a connection with your audience. Photographs define your Brand. The photographs taken for your business are personalized for you.

There are multi purposes to the photographs I will create for you. Photos can be used on your website, social media sites, email marketing, sales and landing pages, and any other marketing materials.

Women helping Women to meet our dreams and aspirations.

Call Carole Burdon, at I Dream of Trees Photography, Grow Vantage Grad #45, to set up a consultation session to discover your brand.

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