Phone options are EXPENSIVE!!

NO THEY'RE NOT!! Imagine a phone system with no long distance charges, free conference calls, auto attendant, your satellite offices are simply extensions on your phone system! When the power goes out, this cloud managed system just keeps right on ticking. Your clients won't even know there is a problem! How do we do that? When the system is setup and anytime after that, you can set it up so that if your office is unreachable, all calls can be redirected to another phone number, even your cell phone! Imagine over 80 features at no extra charge! Imagine a company that adds features on a regular basis and gives them to you AUTOMATICALLY and DOESN'T charge you extra for them! We'll even notify you of added features when they are made available!

All of this and more from your favourite nerd! Nerds On Site has partnered with one of the largest VOIP companies in Canada. We can save you up to 80% on your phone system and still offer superior service!

Call us for a free quote, it won't cost you anything and it might put some of your money back in your pocket! Is that worth a phone call? Call me now!!


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