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Thursday in Start Up And Grow Your Business (our very own Facebook Group our 11:00 am call – we talked about podcasts…. https://www.facebook.com/groups/startupandgrowyourbusiness

Here is a resource document that we talked about on the call… and in a special event last night to forecast trends for 2022 – Reid Tracey (CEO of the Hay House publishing firm) talked about the rise of audio (as well as the strength of the publishing industry in the past two years (despite shortages in some elements of publishing)…..He also talked about how important podcasts are for gaining an audience. Interesting. So I’m sharing that information here:

And if you haven’t joined our group…. please do join us… it’s free, and gives you a chance to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. We chat, we share and we support.

Buzzsprout – Their guide to starting a podcast

There’s a learning curve to recording a quality podcast, but you can speed up the process by learning from experts in the industry.

We asked experienced podcasters to share their best podcasting tips so you can level-up your own podcast game!


https://www.buzzsprout.com/blog/podcasting-tips80 Podcasting Tips to Start a Successful Podcast [2021]

Hubspot: blogpost on starting a podcast


Mark Asquith – Captivate


Captivate: https://help.captivate.fm/en/

Here is the article on getting started with captivate:  https://help.captivate.fm/en/collections/1556586-getting-started-with-captivate-fm-podcast-hosting

John Lee Dumas:  team@entrepreneuronfire.com

  1. https://www.eofire.com/how-to-create-a-podcast-grow-and-monetize/

(this is an original podcast/blog)

  • Podcast Paradise: TLDR: Kate & I have spent 8 years building, improving, and growing a podcasting community that is now nearly 4,000 podcasters strong.

It’s called Podcasters’ Paradise, and it has everything you need to create, grow, and monetize your podcast, including a private Facebook Group that Kate & I engage in daily. Podcasters’ Paradise is typically $97 / month or $997 / year although they have offered the occasional deal to the membership.

Podcast to Profit 2.0: Everything You Need To Create, Grow, And Monetize Your Podcast

They intend to offer it one more time before they close it and will offer another deal in a few weeks: check this page: https://infostack.io/stack/podcast2/?affiliate=eofire


Free podcasting host: https://anchor.fm/

Anchor has a lot of tools – Go to https://anchor.fm/features

Free – Unlimited Hosting: You own the rights to all of your content and can host unlimited episodes for free, always. (There is then distribution)

Streamlined Distribution – supported to all major listening apps (and one step distribution to Spotify who provides analytics

Detailed, IAB 2.0-certified metrics to better measure your audience and help your show grow are all available in a single dashboard.



This is a well known hosting company


Let’s start by breaking your podcasting journey down into a series of corresponding articles that will help walk you through the steps. This is the first on what makes a good podcast. Before we get into that, know this: starting a podcast is like making favorite recipes: there are the fundamental ingredients, but it’s that secret, unexpected something you bring to it that really makes it irresistible.

Also, like a recipe, the volume of ingredients vary—a little more in this one, a little less in that—and what if you have dietary needs? The whole thing needs to be re-thought out! All this to say, take what works, let go of anything that doesn’t, and let’s get started on a podcast today!

This is a paid platform – https://libsyn.com/plans-and-pricing/

Luminary Podcast


Luminary is a subscription podcast network. They do have a free trial. They talk about having original podcasts you won’t find anywhere else.

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