Preserve the past

Welcome to Convert 2 Digital, where your analog history becomes the digital future.

We convert VHS tapes, photographs, slides, film negatives, audio cassettes & vinyl, and documents to DVD/CD and digital files.

Analog media fades with time and won’t last forever. If you have:

  • boxes of VHS tapes
  • envelopes of photographs & negatives
  • carousels of slides
  • shelves of cassettes and vinyl
  • files of children’s art or report cards

Convert them to digital and transfer them to DVD/CD or a flash disk for storage and ensure their preservation for years to come.

Conversion Prices

VHS tape to DVD or digital file = $20 for up to 2 hours of content

More than one tape? 1st tape = $20  2nd tape = $15  3+ tapes = $10 for up to 2 hours of content

Were your VHS tapes recorded to 4 or 6 hour lengths? No problem, just add an additional $5 for every extra 2 hours.

Photographs, slides, film negatives to digital files = $0.25 for each individual file after the minimum $5 charge

Audio cassettes & vinyl records (both sides) to CD or digital files = $20

Standard size documents = $1 per page * $5 minimum charge

All conversions done on premise. No outsourcing to remote facility & no 4-6 week turnaround. Most conversions completed within 2 business days but large orders will take longer.

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Convert 2 Digital

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