Protect yourself from RansomeWare!

ONE Perfect solution for Ransomeware!  FALSE!! There is no such thing as one solution to protect yourself and your data from RansomeWare!  However, we at Nerds On Site have developed a three-tier solution that if you implement all three, we will guarantee you are protected and RansomeWare worries will no longer be a concern!


Call me for a free consultation, I will walk you through our system. It is simple, inexpensive and perfect! (I have never used the word perfect before in the computer field).

We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction ratings, currently at 96.5% in over 75,000 satisfaction surveys. Here is what one of my clients said just this week!

Did we happen to please you with our service? If so, how?
timely, comprehensive, informative, tidy

Any other comments you wish to share?
thanks so much Glen–you make parting with my scheckles easy because you get results

Stress Free computing is what we bring to our clients, give me a call and let me prove it to you!

Glen Tupling

Nerds on Site


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