Reiki Level 2 Training: January 25 10am-5pm

This training may be calling you if:

  • You've completed Reiki Level 1.
  • You are called to take an active role in self healing and the healing of others.
  • You want to start making Reiki a part of your entrepreneurship goals and charge for your services.

Come with an open heart and leave with:

  • Understanding of your energetic system, increased intuition, the ability to channel healing energy into yourself and others throughout space and time, a manual, and a Reiki 2 certification.
  • The ability to cleanse out toxins and chakras, release distressing emotions, and accelerate healing from sickness and injury.

Reiki Level 2 Course Itinerary (6-8 hours):

  • Expand your connection to the Reiki Source and receive the Reiki 2 Attunement.
  • Your ability to channel energy is heightened.
  • Learn: the Reiki symbols for even more powerful healing,
    • Healing for mental and emotional ailments,
    • Heal across distance and time,
    • Energy Beaming.
  • Discover sacred geometry & water crystals.
  • Further increase your intuition and sensitivity to energy.
  • Practice on each other and receive a treatment.
  • Receive a manual and Reiki 2 Certification.
  • Tea and light snacks will be served. (bring your own lunch).

Special Offer: $100! Spaces Limited. Location: Cundles and Bayfield

Please contact Effie at for more information or to register.



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