Reopening the country will take time

The Prime Minister talked about the gains made by citizens because we have stayed home, limited ourselves to essential trips and essential work and practices to keep us safe, such as hand washing and physical distancing which have helped our health systems from becoming overloaded. He also said that if we don’t want to have to start again we need to remain vigilant in terms of protecting our health and have to be very, very careful. He reiterated the importance of

Economic reopening: The provinces and the federal government are collaborating on a set of guidelines – or a set of principles and elements that should be in place and followed to allow provinces to decide on how, when and if they will reopen. This is going to have to be done step by step. Some of those principles that should be included are:

  • ensuring proper levels of testing and contact testing
  • ensuring safe conditions for workers
  • prevent another spike or further spread the virus. If further cases occur we need to be able to manage, control and reduce them rapidly

Ad governments look at careful reopening and will require us to adjust and adapt to changing situations. They are in talks with the provinces and watching the experience of other countries.We must remain extremely vigilant and continue to follow the regulations in our own provinces (the implication being even if other provinces such as Saskatchewan are taking steps to reopen in May).


Patricia Dent

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