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Competition in Canadian Telecom: What If Fewer Companies Control the Industry?
In recent decades, there has been a growing trend of consolidation in the telecom industry through mergers and acquisitions. We look at the current state of the telecommunications sector in Canada and ask: How will consolidation in the industry impact Canadians? Is it our only option?
Tune in to the Future Skills Centre Podcast, Season 2 Is Now Complete.
From climate change and net-zero objectives to new training methods, Canadian workers and employers are facing more changes than ever in their work environment. The second season of the Future Skills Centre podcast, co-produced by the Conference Board of Canada and hosted by economist and journalist Linda Nazareth, interviews experts and industry leaders to better understand the scope of these changes in our labour market and how they impact the future of work.The podcast series recently passed its 10,000th download. We’re thrilled to reach this milestone in partnership with the Future Skills Centre and we will continue growing awareness of the evolving workplace. Listen to our latest podcast episodes today.LISTEN NOW

Indigenous Finance and Management Professionals: Critical for Reconciliation and Indigenous Self-Determination
As reflected in recent Supreme Court decisions, parliamentary debates, and public opinion polls, Indigenous rights are increasingly part of major project decisions. This spans sectors such as power generation, mining, and oil and gas. While at times contentious, the assertion of Indigenous rights presents a bold new vision of economic reconciliation with opportunities for Indigenous communities looking to determine their economic futures. READ NOW

In The NewsArrow pointing rightCanada’s population could increase to 57M by 2068, posing challenges for housing, health care
(Aug 24; CTV News)Arrow pointing rightYouth outdoor education programs create strong social emotional skills, build resilience
(Aug 24; Toronto Star)Arrow pointing rightPrairie provinces leading on economic growth, new report says
(Aug 24; Edmonton Journal)
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