Rolling in the $Doh$ – Transform your Relationship with Money

This Valentine’s Day is it time to improve your relationship with money?

Dust off and update the old stories in your head about ‘Having it’, ‘Saving it’, ‘Keeping it’, ‘Spending it’, ‘Sharing it’, ‘not having enough of it’… Come find out if you are “allergic” to money, if you have a ceiling of how much you can earn, if you are ashamed of money or blaming money…

Money brings up some interesting emotions in people; ironic when you think we invented it to make life “EASIER”.

Money is currency. ┬áLike energy, it flows to you, from you, around you. Join the Transformational Tuesday Tribe on Valentine’s Day where we will help you uncover some of the fiction regarding money that is sabotaging you, and set yourself free.

Reserve your seat now to Transform your relationship with money. This is not a budgeting workshop, this is an energy healing workshop to reprogram your limiting subconscious beliefs sabotaging you! ┬áNo one leaves Transformational Tuesday unchanged. And that’s a good thing!

Held by Jessy Morrison with Guest Speaker Angela Martin-King, facilitator of the webinar series, The Energy of Money.

Jessy Morrison
BodyTalk and Reiki
Grow Vantage 14

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