“Saved By The Beep”. It’s Test Your Smoke Alarm Day

Courtesy Barrie360.com

Dan BlakeleyPublished: Sep 28th, 2023 11:57am

Got a job for you today.

It’s easy.

It will only take a couple of minutes.

Go around the house and push the button to test your smoke alarms.

“In 2022, the Office of the Fire Marshal put out that we saw in Ontario, 133 fire fatalities, many of which were resulting from a lack of working smoke alarms in homes around the province … that is the highest number we’ve seen in 20 years, which is definitely startling,” said Barrie Fire and Emergency Service Public Educator, Kate Foster.

But before you can test your alarms, there have to be devices to test.

Barrie Deputy Fire Chief Carrie Clark told Barrie 360 that’s too often not the case, “When we go into a building for inspections or investigations after a fire, often we see the mounting rings on the ceiling, we see the pigtails of the electrical, but we don’t find the alarms where they need to be, and it is heartbreaking.”

Patricia Dent

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