Self Hypnosis: Unlock YOUR Potential!

Sunday, July 17/16  10:30 am – 4:30 pm

151 Essa Rd., Suite 201, Barrie, Ontario

Learn how to use Hypnosis in your daily life, enhancing your quality of life each and every day with less stress and up to 10,000 x more focus. Unlock your potential to change habits or behaviours that no longer serve you and learn to relax whenever you want to.  You can sleep more restfully, stress less, and live more!  You will find a new awareness of “self” you may not have realized was there all this time.

Hands on instruction facilitated by Board Designated Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Sharon Beca of Pure Life Potential.

You will will also receive instruction using the pendulum for your personal use, receive a complimentary pendulum to take home with you!


Sharon Beca, Pure Life Potential

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