Seriously… how do you feel about Facebook? (alternatives in the video)

I’m sharing an article (video clip) from social media expert Desiree Martinez, whom I’ve been following for a while.

If she is fed up???? do we have any hope?

Here is Desiree’s latest email (desiree@allinonesocialmedia.com)

Seriously, I am on my LAST leg with Facebook. If it wasn’t for the fact that it basically has become an archive of my life since 2016 and a service my agency offers, I would burn down my Facebook account.

Why Facebook, WHY did you have to get so complicated and annoying with your hard to handle algorithm, hot-mess of a backend with Facebook ads, and hide all the things I want to see and just feed me the same info over and over.

It is time for some better options!

So here are SEVEN ways you can grow your business WITHOUT Facebook!


Patricia Dent

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