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Small Businesses in our municipalities in Ontario are able to apply. Here is the information below and the link to apply is on this page:


Participant Requirements

The ShopHERE powered by Google program is currently open to small independent businesses and artists that meet the following requirements:

  • It is a registered business, or a registered non-profit organization.
  • It has a commercial location or is home-based.
  • It has fewer than ten employees or fewer than 25 employees if a restaurant or bar.
  • It is not a corporate chain or franchise.

Or must be an artist.

*Eligible businesses and artists must be located in Ontario or a participating municipality. The program will begin rolling out in other municipalities over the coming weeks. If your municipality is currently not participating, please sign up and we will be sure to let you know when ShopHERE launches in your community.

Patricia Dent

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