Simcoe Dental is selling Protective Masks and Scrubs (revised link)

Note from Patricia: Resubmission: previous link was scrambled….not sure why. 

My dental hygiene practice was forced to close over a month ago so I have kept myself busy with sewing! I any making scrub caps, face protectors, and will start isolation gowns tomorrow. If you know anyone who is looking for these items, please feels free to share my contact information. Other colours available!

Now  selling!
Cotton face protectors ( not allowed to call them “masks”) with pocket for extra liner, flat bendable nose piece for easy adaption to face. Available as ear loop elastic or draw sting with cord lock. $12 each
Cotton scrub cap/hat, reversible. Adjustable size as it ties at back and rim folds up to adjust height.  Quality construction with extract stitching inside to withstand multiple uses.  $20 each
Coming soon:  isolation gowns fabricated from either shower curtains as they are “water resistant”, or 100% cotton, or cotton polyester blend.  Hand made with quality care to withstand multiple uses.  $30 each
Please note that no level of PPE will protect you from all viruses and bacteria.  None of these items are suggested to protect from covid-19.
Please note also that each item requires well over 2 hours of time to create, then wash, sanitize and package for your use!

Pam Elliott, Simcoe Muskoka Dental Hygiene, 705-321-1871, 705-321-1871 cell/text, pam@smdh.ca

Patricia Dent

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