Starter Company Plus program Applications close June 30th will be the last one in 2021

It starts in August and they have limited spaces.

If you want the chance to pitch for a $5,000 grant please apply now before spaces are all gone!

If you have any questions please contact me anytime (at patricia@growvantage.com). I have been a mentor for this program for the past 6 years. And this is the only grant I know of.

Are you an entrepreneur who is starting, growing or buying a business?
Through Starter Company Plus, you could be eligible to apply for this mentorship and training program. Once participants have completed this program, they may be eligible to apply for a micro-grant of up to $5,000 to put towards the business.
To receive an Application Package, please contact our office at smallbusiness@barrie.ca
Applications are due by June 30, 2021.
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For more information on City of Barrie business supports during COVID-19, financial assistance, and current Provincial regulations for operating in Simcoe-Muskoka, visit barrie.ca/SupportForBusiness.

Small Business Centres work together

Deadline coming up: Starter Company Plus Program

Patricia Dent

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