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Ransomeware is BAD

Recently I have had several clients get ransomeware on their computers. Ransomeware, if you haven’t heard of it yet, will quietly encrypt your files so you can’t use them and then offer to let you have them back for a price. A local small business owner recently had to pay $2500.00 to get his files back.

There are several steps you can take to protect yourself from this happening to you.

1) have a good antivirus software that can reverse the effects of ransomeware (currently there is only one that can do that).  This is done through a patented process. Nerds On Site has partnered with this company and can offer the software to you.

2) have an encrypted cloud-based backup system, there are many to choose from. (Not Dropbox or Google Drive or Onedrive, these are synchronized folders on your computer and they are protected from this type of threat).

3) have a good cloud-based internet filtering system/firewall device.  There are several on the market with the one Nerds On Site offers being the best.

If you implement all three of these steps, you can rest easy that your data and your business are safe. In the case of this local business that had to pay the ransom, the total cost of implementing these steps was less than 2% of the ransom they had to pay. Remember, if you are taken down by ransomeware, it is not only the money they will want but the time it takes to complete the transaction and unencrypt your files. In the case of the local business I dealt with, they were closed down for three full business days.  Can you afford that?

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