The Mind/Body Connection


Are you a woman between the ages of 45 & 60?

Do you feel stressed out all the time and wish you could improve your quality of life?

Are you under the impression there is no way out and afraid of growing old prematurely?

Join us for a Complimentary, intimate discussion on how Hypnosis and the mind/body connection can free you from a complicated and stressful life!  When we hit a certain age, we begin to realize that maybe things aren’t going the way we want them to or we don’t feel as good as we could.  Learn how to begin aging gracefully, enjoying an abundant life.  Take control NOW and live life on YOUR terms!  Personal Hypnosis session included. ($75 value)

Sept. 17th, 2016;  2 – 3 pm  151 Essa Rd., Suite 201, Barrie


Seating is limited, so register early!

Sharon Beca

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