There’s a new free directory in town -Fidacity

What is it?

Fidacity is a safe online marketplace that supports all local businesses; a one-stop shop for all things local. Businesses are manually approved by the local territory manager and reviews are tied to paid transactions. Signing up on Fidacity is free for everyone; there are no sign up fees, monthly/annual fees, listing fees, or any hidden fees. Fidacity loves helping promote women in business.  Businesses that are owned by women can have a banner that says ‘woman owned’ appear on the profile and Locally Owned Businesses can have a banner that says “Locally Owned” on their profile. Users can also filter their search by Woman Owned or Locally Owned businesses using these tags! Businesses can enjoy a great way to market themselves online and have access to support right away with the help of the local territory manager.

The local territory manager can assist you with signing up, marketing your business through Social Media channels, setting up online ad campaigns, generating additional leads, and so much more. Contacting the territory manager is simple: phone call, text message, email, or even through their social media messengers. How many global platforms do you know that have a real, local person, to chat with about growing your business? For more information, contact your local territory manager.

Drew Praticante

Local Territory Manager: Barrie, Innisfil, and Surrounding Areas

647-627-7298, drew@fidacity.com


Note from Patricia: I met Drew to discuss this new directory. A listing and events can be listed for free. Services can be sold for a 20% percentage (the way they make their money). We know that directories are good for online exposure. Let me know how it goes.

Patricia Dent

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