This Week on Women Positive – Jess Kotzer

Episode 7: Building A Business Mindset For A Creative Passion

Jess Kotzer is an author and a marketer who is writing a fiction series for women, and who wrote her first book almost 10 years ago. Jess talked about the slow growth strategies that are common to creatives – but which held her back. She struggled to do all the “right” and “polite” social media and marketing strategies that she hoped would bring a following… but it was hard work, and she eventually burned out. Now overcoming fear and insecurity, not to mention a reluctance to get on camera, she has embraced a business systems approach (like larger brands do) and collaborates to grow her audience. She has created an author’s meetup (selfpubhub.org), is putting herself out there, and growing a following, while she helps aspiring and more established authors. 


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