This week’s podcast – Desirea Herrera: Succeeding in a Male Dominated Field (or two)

Desirea Herrera is an author who has worked in several different fields, from breaking in race horses to teaching, software training and IT (in software programming, in which she was self-taught). Throughout her life, including her experience as a single mom, going back to school, starting from scratch and all her career changes she has come up against male domination and on occasion misogynists who wanted to limit and control her experience. She has taught herself programming and taken responsibility for the changes she wanted to make. She is now mounting a creative project. She is a model for courageous women who has guidelines for navigating challenging work environments. 

Here is the link to the podcast: https://anchor.fm/women-positive/episodes/Episode-18-Desirea-Herrera-Succeeding-in-a-Male-Dominated-Field-or-two-e1ktkm3/a-a87gp6s

Patricia Dent

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