This week’s podcast – Finding The Courage To Be Courageous

Coming from a dysfunctional family leaves its mark on how you see the world, what your expectations are and how you interact with others. Becky Bartley came to a turning point at the beginning of the pandemic, when faced with the reality of a co-dependent relationship with an alcoholic she wanted to save, and unable to work while businesses were temporarily shut down. She learned the meaning of the advice she received: “To get comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

Not an easy journey to confront old coping behaviour, to strike out on her own and  choose herself. She found the courage to be courageous as she learned to evaluate and adjust her life, one aspect at a time. Becky shares the steps she took to become uncomfortable and embrace change, from seeking help, replacing her inner circle, choosing to be her best self and relying on her intuition to summon and sustain that courage.

You can access this podcast on Anchor.fm: https://anchor.fm/women-positive/episodes/Episode-12-Finding-the-Courage-To-Be-Courageous-Becky-Bartley-e1j1a1o

Becky Bartley: Becky@trooperpet.com

Patricia Dent

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