This week’s podcast – Learning to love and outgrow fear

Elle Nagy is a self leadership expert for women from New Zealand. She has “owned” her over twenty years of coaching, and her self leadership expertise, and now “owns” her other expertise… author, speaker, and CEO. Dealing with the scary and tough stuff in her life prepared her for this turning point. Through her inspiring focus on outgrowing her fear of drowning (after near drowning as a child), and a physical condition that she was advised to have treated with an operation that may or may not allow her to walk again, she completed an IRONMAN event: a 3.8k swim in the ocean, 180k bike ride, then a 42.2k run, within a time limit. As she finished this feat, she heard a voice in her head say, “Behind your fear lies your freedom”. She looked at everything she had missed in life through fear and realized that fear is a part of the growth that she needed to nurture to I become the better version of self.

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