This week’s podcast – Overcoming Problematic Leadership

Inspired by her encounters with poor leadership, Sue Carr established CHC Consulting to provide leadership training and team support to boards, leaders, and employees so that work and board experience could become more satisfying. Sue goes through major issues of problematic leadership that she has seen and experienced, and the top 3 recommendations for leaders to follow.

This episode is a touch longer to also explore her experiential learning methodology and why it is effective…. using horses. Find out how to avoid being a problematic leader and the innovative methodology for which Sue has become well known.

You can reach Sue by email: communityhealthconsult@bell.net or on her website at https://communityhealthcareconsulting.ca/

Here is the link to this week’s episode: https://anchor.fm/women-positive/episodes/Episode-14-Sue-Carr-Overcoming-Problematic-Leadership-e1jm9ea

Patricia Dent

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