This Week’s Podcast: Patricia Dent: Winning My Battle With Cancer (x2)

This episode is a personal one for me, touching on my experience with cancer (from the inconvenient timing that paused a new business) to the range of treatments and support I received to recover fully – I am going to list them below. Cancer is now rampant – with 1 in 2 people who can expect a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. In our household we are now 2 for 2. 

I am so grateful for the care and support I’ve received during this journey:

  • Oncologist (RVH) Dr. Sara Rask
  • Oncologist (RVH) Dr. Sara Rask
  • Naturopath: Dr. Becky Lee
  • Surgeons: Dr. K Maharajh, Dr. Renee Hanrahan
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Reiki: Savy Kalivoda
  • Holistic Nutrionist: Katherine Parent
Patricia Dent

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