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Overcoming the Impact of Change – Patricia Dent


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This week, I am contributing my thoughts on overcoming the impact of change. It has been on my mind since watching the impact of the pandemic unfold, and managing change (in my view) is a critical building block of mental wellness, particularly timely for Mental Health Week. With 65 life changes behind me, I’ve been fascinated by the mechanics of change and how we respond – especially to sudden changes. Building resilience takes focused effort, and in my experience is based on a foundation of mindset combined with action. In this episode I talk about the three aspects of mindset that have actually helped me take action and overcome both major and minor experiences (apart from the pandemic). They have included rising through an abusive relationship, divorce and single motherhood, cancer… and not even counting my escape from corporate! Here is the transcript:https://docs.google.com/…/1C4QBrnpxdwqNmeP0NPwA…/edit…

Patricia Dent

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