Mindset Thoughts and an offer from Robin Sharma

This information was sent to me via email. In the current environment – maintaining our balance is important – and not always easy. Robin Sharma has an offer that you might find helpful in managing the stress of the times….

Hope you and your loved ones are safe, strong and bullish on a brighter future Patricia.

I have zero doubt better days are ahead.

We just need to navigate this transition period with courage, grace and unusual optimism.

I’ve worked extremely hard to send you free reports, carefully considered posts and other resources to serve your rise during this remarkable upheaval.

Many of my clients and those who follow me on social media are experiencing lockdown fatigue.

We’ve been inside for a long time. And so it’s common to have these symptoms:

—a sense of always feeling tired

—a need for foods that comfort

—a desire to escape into digital diversions

—a feeling of subtle dread

—a lack of fire to be productive

While this time of forced quietude is a wonderful time to handcraft some amazing work if The Muse shows up for you, I also wish to clearly say that we are human. And it’s ok to feel not ok.

Society schools us into believing that if we’re not singing from the treetops and dancing amid the rainbows, something is wrong with us right now.

This is not true.

Our world has fallen. Dramatic change has happened. Severe crisis has occurred.

You’d be inhuman if you didn’t feel the stress of the deep volatility, in some way or another.

So please: be gentle with yourself. Give yourself what your most self-loving (and wise) you needs.

…take the extra rest if you feel exhausted.

…eat the extra ice cream if you crave it.

…watch the extra movie if it’ll bring you joy.

There will be time for legendary performance. When this is all over.


Patricia—given that many of us across the planet cannot go outside, please know and trust that this is one of the finest times of your life to go inside.

…to clear out fear, doubt and long-held weakness.

…to reset your Mindset for mastery and purify your Heartset for higher humanity so you fly when better days arrive.

…to grow and evolve closer to your finest self, for your benefit and the blessing upon a better world.

If you wish to use this time at home to multiply your gifts and seriously upgrade your confidence, performance and heroism, then you’re going to absolutely love what I’m doing for you…

…I went into my private content archive and selected—based on client data— my top audio programs that have caused the deepest human growth and personal transformation.

The collection is called Success Mastery University.

All together the regular retail value is $2747.

Yet to do something extremely special for you to help you thrive in this hard time—and to ensure everyone can have access to this digital academy of world-class information to make you stronger, braver, happier and more productive…

…I’m making the complete collection of my top transformational audio programs in Success Mastery University available to you for only $7 [for a very limited time].

…The best way to make your life much better is to make yourself much stronger.

Registration for this block of memberships will close in a few hours and you really should take advantage of this absolutely fantastic opportunity to build your strength, wisdom and performance in these challenging times.

So get off the fence and go ahead and get full access here.

When you get your membership today you’ll save 99.74% off the regular price.

Here’s the list of each audio program:

1. How to Craft a World-Class Life [Value: $97]

2. Energy Explosion [Value: $77]

3. The Cure for Fear [Value: $195]

4. Manage Your Time Master Your Life [Value: $125]

5. Extraordinary Leadership [Value: $97]

6. A Simple Formula for Extraordinary Relationships [Value: $67]

7. The 7 Forms of Wealth [Value: $195]

8. Shine In The World [Value: $495]

9. The Alchemy of Success [Value: $95]

10. Simple Steps to Work Life Balance [Value: $69]

11. Meditation for Elite Performers – Volume 1 [Value: $95]

12. Meditation for Elite Performers – Volume 2 [Value: $95]

13. How to Be Remarkably Successful [Value: $147]

14. The Best Things I’ve Learned About Success In Leadership and In Life [Value: $197]

15. Exclusive Interview with Tony Robbins [$69 Value]

16. The Pyramid of Peak Performance [$197 Value]

17. The Peak Productivity Practices of the Pros [$197 Value]

18. The Change Session [$47 Value]

19. The 8 Cool Concepts Really Great Performers Know [$97 Value]

20. Leveraging Failure Into Greater Success [$97 Value]

Patricia, claim your complete access here and save 99.7%.

Hope all this helps.

Stand strong and be of good courage.

Love + respect,


RobinRobin Sharma

Humanitarian + Leadership Missionary


Patricia Dent

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