Transformational Tuesday 2017 – Insert your goal into your timeline

Have you ever wondered why some goals were not attained?

Many people only state goals in their head but not in their neurology….what does that mean?

When a goal is in your heart & head and then implanted into your future “timeline” using self hypnosis then NOTHING STANDS IN YOUR WAY!
Join us on Tuesday morning Jan. 10th at Suite Success and clear the way for a fulfilling and rewarding 2017!

Last year we facilitated 10 Transformational Tuesdays offering Group Healings and tools for clearing away limiting beliefs and fears to realign your gifts. Now we take those gifts and talents and step into 2017 uncovering who we truly are; savouring what we are capable of and carrying that positive energy forward towards our true goals.

This is not your typical goal setting workshop, this is an energy owning workshop. We cannot change a “problem” from the same mind set that created it. Bring your current mindset to class and let’s fine tune it to WORK FOR YOU – not against you.

Join the Transformational Tuesday Tribe! We learn not because we are inadequate, but because it’s so much fun to Become Better, Sparkle, and Step into our Authentic selves.

Cost – $40 early bird registration to receive workbook by email, or $50 at the door (bring a journal).

Bring 3 guests and get a $50 gift certificate towards a personal “Your body talks Healing”, or “Soul Profile and Karmic Clearing” session.

Register here

Jessy Morrison, BodyTalk and Reiki

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