Transformational Tuesday – Rolling in the $Doh$

Last year’s Rolling in the $doh$ writing meditation had you ask your higher self some questions:
(1) “The Purpose of my business is…?” take a moment to check in and write every answer you can think of until there is nothing left to write. (hint: no editing, no judging, no one is reading this but you. Let your brain and soul dump out every reason. We are not looking for strategy here, use your heart…Get inspired … again.)
See you on Valentine’s day to clean up your subconscious  beliefs about money – having it/not having it; asking for it/deserving it; the goodness of it/badness of it; sabotaging yourself with it; societies programming; it’s hard to get..hard to keep..easy to keep…; what did your parents instill in you???
Hmm, what ideas do you have stored in your cellular memory?  Come find out and maybe you will roll in the doh – what would that feel like anyway?
Money is your friend, and the heartbeat of your business
Only $40 for a workshop filled with personal ah-ha’s and immediate action steps!
Jessy Morrison
BodyTalk and Reiki
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