Transformational Tuesday – Skeletons in your closet

What we resist the most is often exactly what we have to do the most. Resistance is stepping out of FLOW and stepping into distraction.

Resistance is universal. Its goal is not to wound or disable …its goal is to stop you, especially if you are an innovative entrepreneur.

BUT resistance has no strength on its own. Resistance is fueled by fear – your fear of it, of being held back, of not meeting your dreams. It is that fear that paralyzes. Like I said, it is a distraction, the more reasons you look to see why you are resisting the more stories you come up with. But we don’t need stories we need to move thru it and come out the other side victorious!

When we master the fear we also master resistance.

Resistance obstructs movement from lower vibration to a higher vibration.

It is most powerful when you are at the finish line. It knows it’s about to be beaten, and hits the panic button and slams us with everything it’s got. Don’t buy into it and don’t allow self-sabotage, or it collapses you. It shows up as getting sick, or not making phone calls, or interference from family too.

Resistance is directly proportional to love. IF you are feeling massive resistance that means there is boundless love there too!  The opposite of love isn’t hate, it is indifference, step into your next gateway.

If you are experiencing Resistance in fulfilling your heart’s desire within your business, and moving forward, come to ESS Direct for Transformational Tuesday, Oct 11th 9:30 – 12:30 and clear those skeletons from your closet.

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Jessy & Heather

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