Transformational Tuesday – Uncover the Gift you truly BE

“Uncover the GIFT that you Truly BE” is the 9th Transformational Tuesday focusing on bringing energy balancing tools into business, to improve health, vitallity, relationships, and wealth.

So many of us take our strengths for granted, compare ourselves to others, or only focus on our supposed weaknesses and wrongnesses. Our business is an extension of our energy field.  When we are in the flow business soars! When we are off balance we use excuses like “its seasonal.., the economy is bad…” Interesting point of view, anything you decide you can un-decide too.

This coming month hot on the trail of “clearing the skeletons from our closet”, we take a look at the arsenal of gifts you have that you don’t even know you have- – – just before Christmas stirs up more fear, more money inadequacies, more doubt we will help you recognize your Buried Treasure and step into a “ring of fire” to anchor your confidence, your strengths,  your courage, and other hidden talents!

You think you love the tools we have given you each month, they pale in comparison with this one. Join us, tell your friends, and let’s show up and play all out!!!

Join us November 8th so we can all step into our powerful glittery gifts and really Rock out 2017!! 

One of the comments on the last feedback forms was: “there is too much time in between Transformational Tuesdays!” Love that everyone gets so much value form the tidbits we impart.

Another testimonial stated: “I walked in defeated and feeling powerless, and left taller and motivated. I wouldn’t miss a single month, I always leave empowered”

Isn’t it time you stopped using your head in business and brought in your other resources?

Let us know you are coming.  or

Jessy & Heather

Heather Wilson, Spark Your Vitality

Grow Vantage 34

Jessy Morrison, BodyTalk and Reiki

Grow Vantage 14

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