Transforming Overwhelm

Back to school has come around again. It is challenging to get back into the swing of things – packing kids’ lunches, getting them up and out the door, managing your busy-ness and business, and everything else now that the lazy hazy days of summer vacation are over.

Managing the overwhelm can be taxing and a real test of your abilities! But let’s face it, that is not going away anytime soon – so it’s more about transforming the feeling of being overwhelmed to something more positive.

It’s more than taking charge, anchoring ourselves into what is possible, practicing good self-care. Come and pick up some Energy Healing tools and use them daily, so you don’t allow everything else to snow you under.

Join us and hold yourself in a place of being human; take inventory of what needs to be done, what is humanly possible and move forward with a renewed sense of realistic intentions … breathe!

See through the stories you are telling yourself, that create overwhelm, that create STUCK!

Find out how to go beyond feeling “I can’t…” and becoming a powerful “I AM!”.

Intrigued? Come check it out… and see what folks are talking about. Register online for $25+HST or at the door for $40+HST.

Jessy & Heather

Jessy Morrison, BodyTalk and Reiki

Grow Vantage 14

Heather Wilson, Spark Your Vitality

Grow Vantage 34

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