Trendhunter: Reports and FutureFestival

The evolution of psychographic scenarios as we (hopefully) emerge from the pandemic sounds interesting… here is a snippet from the latest Trendhunter newsletter

In honor of Earth Month, download our FREE 2022 Eco Trend Report. You’ll uncover 100+ examples, connected to consumer insights like Upcycled Breakfast, Embodied Carbon, Plastic-Free Frozen and more. This is an updated sub-category of our 2022 Trend Report (PDF).

As we get ready to start work on our 2023, we are framing up a concept of 4 psychographic scenarios that the world is falling into. We don’t all recover from the pandemic in the same way! These scenarios will be the theme for our Future Festival in World Summit, so if you want to be first, then check out FutureFestival.com to learn more about the summit in September, as well as next month’s events. There’s 1 week left for Super Early Bird Tickets!

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker – JeremyGutsche.com
Patricia Dent

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