Can you spread the word? … free Pursue Your Passion Start-up Challenge and Ask For Directions Training launch

5 – Day Free Launch starting October 25th in our Facebook Group: Start Up and Grow Your Business

If you know someone who is planning to start (or has started a business – please share. The same goes for those of us re-inventing ourselves (the pandemic pivot) and need to verify our assumptions about our clients, our purpose, our business ideas and our mindsets. Join us – it’s free https://www.facebook.com/groups/startupandgrowyourbusiness

Launching The Ask For Directions Training Course (this is the online version of Grow Vantage

We’re planning a series of free webinars (the first week of November) leading up to the launch (the second week of November). Lots of great information is being planned Please share if you know someone who is starting a business, or someone who has lost traction and needs help in gaining momentum. Please refer them to patricia@growvantage.com


Patricia Dent

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