Underappreciated pools of labour: and An article on how women are pivoting

TALENT – Courtesy of MARS Discovery Centre article

As workers across the economy re-evaluate where they work and why, understaffed companies would be wise to watch for undercompensated and underappreciated pools of labour, leadership and entrepreneurship. Startup tech has a poor track record, between its often unwelcoming culture and its short-changing of female and other founders. Many are taking the opportunity to pivot, as The Globe and Mail reports — not just out of tech but also into it, which creates recruitment opportunities for progressive firms.

Check out the Globe and Mail article report referenced here: Pandemic pivots: Facing layoffs and financial worries, women launch new careers: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/small-business/article-pandemic-pivots-facing-layoffs-and-financial-worries-women-launch-new/

Patricia Dent

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