Ontario Stage 1 Re-Opening of Businesses and more areas being funded

For more details see: https://www.growvantage.com/resources-during-covid-19/

  • $350 million: The Emergency Community Support Fund – for organizations that assist vulnerable Canadians (Update from Minister Amed Hussen) – application through the website on May 19th
  • $25 million investment over 4 years (including $5 million in capital assistance to support vulnerable black and African Canadians. Information this spring on applications for the grant.
  • An additional $300 per child to be delivered as part of the CCB payment next week. An increase to cover cost of living will be applied in July.
  • The Wage subsidy will be extended to August 29th and applied to more organizations as well as seasonal – and the government will look at possible changes in the legislation to allow for relaxed thresholds of loss and possible application to new hires as well as rehires.
  • Business openings on Tuesday May 19th – Ontario enters Stage 1. Ontario.ca website has 90 guidelines and a  reopening supply portal
    • Retail locations with a street entrance (using strict social distancing – 4 sq. metres per person)
    • Outdoor sports fields, tennis courts and offleash dog parks
    • Pet Services including pet groomers (by appointment only), animal shelters
    • Household services including cleaning and maintenance
    • Surgeries, in-person counselling
    • Construction
  • $15 million in funding was announced through the Women’s Entrepreneurship Eco-System Fund to provide targetted support to help women business owners to help women navigate through the crisis and provide support through business workshops, mentorship and skills training to adapt to the digital marketplace.
  • If you missed it Friday – Regional Rural funding (businesses outside Barrie) through the local CFDCs.
  • Interest-free funding and non-repayable contributions for Indigenous Businesses and help for indigenous students to find jobs in their communities.
  • Farmers and Agriculture Fisheries Funding ($100 million) through Farm Credit Canada in addition to Fish Harvesters who own their own businesses.
Patricia Dent

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