Virtual Business Cards – Don’t miss any virtual networking connections…

Since we’re still meeting virtually…. do you want to create a virtual business card?

Here are directions from Aweber – and a link to a video about how to create these in Canva

Create your virtual business card in minutes With fewer in-person events and more people looking to stay distanced, virtual business cards are the perfect way to build your network. A virtual business card is a landing page that includes your headshot, professional information, important links, and a QR code people can scan to get your card on their phone. It looks great on mobile and is easy to use in-person or online. Plus, a virtual business card:

  • Is more environmentally friendly than paper cards
  • Costs $0
  • Sparks fun conversations about new tech
  • Offers a way for connections to get onto your email list

Learn how to set yours up, including creating your own QR using Canva, from this video:

(BTW this is a real person and as real people do…. we may stumble over a few words…. just keep listening!)


Patricia Dent

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