We all need great contracts/legal advice

Corinne Boudreau teaches our privacy and contracts classes for our online Ask For Directions Training course – and she will be launching her law library in a couple of weeks. Why do I want you to know about this? Three reasons

  1. I own a copy of the library and benefit from it myself. I like that she provides weekly feedback in the private Facebook group (associated with the library) to our legal questions and keeps adding to the collection of contracts (now over 40 documents).
  2. In 2020, I spent double the cost of the entire library for only one contract – and this is a one time cost for the library (in Canadian/including HST).
  3. This is a heads up because she is doing some live training (a lawyer who does free training…what?)

Corinne will talk about the library in her free training (see below) – and if you decide to register, here is the link that will give you a discount. Yes, I am an affiliate because it’s a great product – and through my link I am helping you to reduce the cost (a $197 discount): https://www.onlinelegalessentials.ca/a/11432/Kihp8uw8 Once on the site, there is a purchase offer button to press to obtain the discount.

And the registration for the free Three Legal Essentials for Canadians Creating Content Online training: is here’s the registration page –> Register for Corinne’s private webinar ($0.00)


Patricia Dent

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