We’re starting a Mastermind Group in October (for 6 or 12 months)

...To prepare to leave the pandemic behind!

Is the time right for you to join a group of your peers to move your business forward?

Book a 20 minute strategy call to see where you are (and where you are going) and to see if a Mastermind group is a fit for you!)


Why are Mastermind groups effective?

Through mastermind groups, you can build and maintain momentum in your business while you overcome hurdles. For more information go to https://www.growvantage.com/2021-mastermind-to-grow-your-business/

  • Growing your business is the most important and demanding job you have as an entrepreneur – apart from starting your business in the first place.
  • Now almost 20 months into a pandemic with a slower than expected recovery rate… what strategies will you use to be successful?
  • We will focus on steps to create growth plans, set milestones and then execute your plan in the months to follow, with encouragement from your peers, and accountability for the steps you outline for your business expansion. On our final meeting in 2022 we’ll review our successes and lessons learned.
  • Each month, this group will meet once in person (or over Zoom) and once in individual sessions (that will accommodate your schedule) From October 2021 to March 2022. And if you like having a group to rely on – we will look at extending it for another 6 months…

Questions? Email patricia@growvantage.com

Patricia Dent

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