We’re updating our Grow Vantage Referral Program!

Are you currently one of the GVers who appears on the referral gift list for those who refer new GVers to the program? Or are you a grad who would like to offer a referral gift of $50 in value (and have that cost covered?)

It is an opportunity for free exposure to people who believe in the program with a listing of your company and the gift you are offering (whether or not the referring person refers you!). It may introduce a new client to your services as well and gives them a chance to try your services.

How it works: When someone is referred to Grow Vantage, joins the program (and does not opt out or become delinquent), the referring person is sent a list of graduate GV suppliers who describe their referral gift (value of $50.00 – or more at your discretion).The size of the offer is up to you (it could be a product, a service or a discount), the payment is always $50.00.

They choose the offer they want and are connected to the GVer who supplies it. Once they redeem the offer, I send that GV supplier payment of $50.00.

Interested in being part of the list? Please send me an email at patricia@growvantage.com


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