What Are Your Marketing Plans for Fall? Need Writing Help?

Hello Grow Vantage family!

If you’ve spent the summer dreaming of all the ways you’re going to ramp up your marketing for fall, I’m here to help!

What does every marketing method need? Well-written words! 

Whether it’s a 500-word blog post, a 250-word newsletter, a 140-character tweet, or the summary text of a YouTube video, your words matter.

If you want to make the best impression online, contact me today to find out how I can help bring your marketing plans to life.

Linda Dessau, Content Mastery Guide

P.S. I can also help you with courses, presentations, workshops and speeches!

Linda Dessau is the founder of Content Mastery Guide, where she helps wellness clinics and their practitioners attract new clients with a great clinic blog. She is a proud alumni of GV 24 and Next 2. Get free blogging tips at http://www.contentmasteryguide.com/blog

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