Why training is absolutely necessary for entrepreneurs

Hi everyone

I am currently at the annual LIFT Conference that is hosted by Mirasee, Danny Iny’s group. I’ve trained with these folks since 2012 and find a lot of value in their approach (as many of you know I support two other training organizations).

The lessons learned, the people you meet who can help you along the way, and the quiet aha moments when you realize they are talking about you from the stage! All these things are what propel you forward – and as you know – it’s these elements that make Grow Vantage an important part of your journey (and mine).

I’m going to bring back lessons learned which I’ll share on Tuesday Tips (Facebook Live: 5:00 pm on Tuesday afternoons), through announcements and blogs.

I’ll look forward to talking to you about why you just have to start, dealing with the excuses that hold you back (not to mention “risk”), how to stack the deck for success… and the list goes on.

Have a great weekend (and a wonderful last hurrah for summer…and keep learning!


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