Women Positive Podcast – Fran Kruse: “You’re Never Too Old To Do What You Are Meant To Do”

Fran Kruse of Sidekick Creative Copywriting has been both an employee in corporate and an entrepreneur, but the work she really wanted to do from the time she was a teenager was writing. In those times there were different expectations and writing didn’t fall into the realm of growing up, getting an education, getting a good job, marrying, having children…. and getting a good pension. So this was a dream she put off while she was in and out of corporate, and even through her “Not Your Granny’s Granola” business, which she sold after 7 years. What gave Fran the courage to do what she was meant to do all along? Listen to this week’s episode and hear how Fran became the writer she was always meant to be.

Listen to the podcast here: https://anchor.fm/women-positive

Patricia Dent

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