Wonderland Ride Jams, Leaves Riders Hanging Upside Down

Courtesy Barrie360.com, Dan BlakeleyPublished: Sep 25th, 2023

They lost feeling in their feet, tears were streaming back into their eyes, as they dangled upside down on the Lumberjack ride at Canada’s Wonderland for nearly half-an-hour Saturday night.

Fifteen-year-old Mackenzie Parkhouse and her 11-year-old brother Spencer told the CBC they figured that’s how the ride worked.

It was the first time on a big ride for him. It may have been the last big ride for Mackenzie, she said.

Forty-five people were on the ride when it came to a halt around 10:40 p.m.

A spokeswoman for the park first aid staff examined all affected guests, and two reported chest pains, but they received treatment at the park’s medical centre and did not need any further help.

The ride was closed on Sunday while technicians investigated what went wrong.

Patricia Dent

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