Would you like to be interviewed on video? (My gift to you). Put April 9th in your calendar

I’m interviewing Grow Vantagers on April 9th at Suite Success at ESS Direct (5 – 6:30 pm)

…and do a little pre-work to help us prepare for that session. Us is me and James Martin (GV46)

During the next Grow Vantage Networking session (2nd Tuesday of the month from 5:00 – 6:30 pm), join us to do your video interview. In addition to seeing it on YouTube and linked to the Grow Vantage site, you will have access to it – to put on your YouTube Channel, your Facebook page (or wherever it makes sense).

Why video? Video is critical to help your business be found (local or international). Buzzsumo did a study of 777 million Facebook posts this January. They found that posts with video are 75% more effective than those with just links. We’re following best practices (a short video to keep peoples’ attention, with captions…because not everyone turns on sound).

Who is it for? If you are a current GVer, or one of the alumni – get on the list to have your video done.

Will it cost anything? We’re piloting these interviews…so for now – N0!

What do I need to do?

  1. Email me at patricia@growvantage.com and let me know you’d like me to interview you about your business – we’ll do as many interviews as we can that day (but there is a limit). (Please include answers to the questions below)
  2. Let me know 2 questions you’d like me to ask you particularly. Hint: These should not include: “Tell me every product you sell” – because people will stop watching.
  3. Think about and email me what you are planning to say in response to the following questions:  (Hint: we’ll put key words up on a white board behind the camera to help you remember what you want to say. And I’ll be there to prompt you.
    1. I’ll introduce you as [your name] and [your business name] – how do you want me to say that?
    2. What GV number are you?
    3. Who are you looking to help?
    4. What do you do for your customer (again, not a laundry list, but what difference, or transformation are you helping them make?) For example – Julia, as a pedorthist (…a what?) will help correct problems with your feet that may be causing that pain in your butt, or hips or legs and that prevents you from playing with your children, enjoying long walks, or standing up without pain.)
    5. Why did you decide to start this particular business?
    6. What one piece of advice would you give someone who is starting a business now?
    7. And if there is something else you are dying to have me ask you… great!

Any Questions? For those who are on the list – we’ll send out final instructions (like what to wear)…

See you on April 9th (5 – 6:30 pm at Suite Success at ESS Direct, 411 Huronia Road). Even if you are not having your video done, come out and watch, network and have fun.


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