Xcelerate Summit Schedule – it starts next week

Hi everyone

Xcelerate Summit is around the corner 4 (part) days from next Tuesday to Friday.

Here is what you need to know:

Link to Register: https://xceleratesummit.co/about/register/

Tickets to Xcelerate Now Available
Join us virtually – 4 part days

There are two types of tickets to this event.  The general admission ticket provides participants with access to all of the amazing speakers and live music from emerging musicians over the four days.  This is done virtually on our platform. The cost of this ticket is: $50.00.

Count down the days to the Summit with us at: https://pheedloop.com/xceleratesummit/site/home/

While at Xcelerate Summit, you can expect:

  • To learn some quick fixes and tips to improve performance and efficiency
  • To walk away with actionable ideas
  • To get up to date on new technology
  • To learn strategies to handle growth and retain staff
  • To learn some ways to increase profitability
  • To get insights into “what you don’t know”
  • To meet experts, you can call on

Here is the detailed schedule!



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