Yin Yoga and Meditation Oct. 13/20

Practice 4 Tuesdays in a row from October 13 to November 3!

Join us In-person $60, or in the comfort of your own home Virtually for $32!! 

About the class:

Strengthen and heal your joints (cartilage, tendon, bone, fascia), all while learning to meditate. All the body and mind benefits apply. The class concludes with a specific meditation designed to enhance well-being. The common feedback is that your stress will melt away and you will have a great sleep!

About Yin Yoga:

Yin Yoga is a nourishing practice that complements a busy yang lifestyle, nurturing calmness and balance.  It is based on the energetic meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acts to relieve tension like acupressure. Yin involves long held poses on the mat.  Props support your body so that your muscles release tension and you can delve deep into the connective tissues of the body and increase your range of motion.  Awareness is explored, compassion is cultivated, and deep healing is liberated.

Contact Effie: soulbodyhealer@gmail.com

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