Youth Haven – providing a second chance to homeless teens: an amazing charity to support

Some people believe that many of these kids should simply go home, that they have a safe place awaiting them with a warm bed, or that they are rebelling against parental authority. However in our more than 30 years of experience, we know that this misconception cannot be further from the truth.

As Simcoe County’s only youth shelter, Youth Haven provides a second chance to teens very year. Last year close to 300 youths bravely made their way to the Shelter and over 300 youths accessed our Outreach Program across Simcoe County and found someone to talk to, advocate for them, help them navigate adult systems, and teach them coping skills to manage the world we live in. 


The plain truth is that if a youth is staying at Youth Haven they truly have nowhere else to go. In fact, 80% are fleeing domestic violence, neglect, physical or sexual abuse. Numerous situations arise where police officers, parents, concerned citizens, teachers or guidance counsellors refer youth to our shelter asking for our help, not knowing where to turn.

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Patricia Dent

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